Backup, what is it?

Backup, what is it?

Before talking about backup, it is important to define what data is.

The ‘what is backup?’ question seems to be simple, but the answer isn’t so easy as it can take many forms (simple text files, programs, complex information or advanced software). All the files in the company do not have the same importance. But, it needs to be protected as you never know what those files can tell about your company to the competitor. With a good data protection program along with a back-up solution, you can be assured that you can recover any information easily.

There are two main ways to capture data for backup:

  • Image backup (making a record of the disk: an image called snapshots, in order to determine which blocks have been changed since the last backup)
  • File backup (copy all the folders from the current data to a backup media).

You can also choose a lot of different options:

  • Full (capturing everything)
  • Differential (the difference between current state and the last full backup)
  • Incremental (mix between full and differential)

In addition to this you also have two choices to use the backup. With an agent program installed on physical and virtual machine (VM) or without an agent in virtual cloud environments. The online backup process begins by some steps. First choosing files for backup, then encrypted, and archived in order that data is securely backed up in the Cloud and can be restored at any time!

It’s primordial to define a Recovery Point Objective

If you want to protect your business and for any backup process in general, you need an RPO. It can be like “how often recovery points must be established, how much time is needed for the backup before real damage, etc.”. Critical the work, critical is the time for the back-up. The maximum tolerable length of time that a network system can be down after a disaster is the period between the last safeguard and a potential disaster. RPO is not only for a security aspect but also for business. 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. Every week, more than 150 000 hard drives crash in Canada. In 2014, 43% of businesses encountered a data breach at different level (USA Today).

To find out if your company is prepared for catastrophic data loss, there are few signs to determine your vulnerability. When the data is of sensitive nature, it becomes important to add several layers of protection. Especially encryption and real data loss prevention software. A simple software package and basic antivirus protection are not enough anymore. Guess internal employees or experienced hackers find a security breach. You won’t have to waste time and money trying to recreate, to retrieve or to repair the information.

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