Why you should care about your network?

Why you should care about your network?

Network run offstage in everyday life, in our business or personal life, and we don’t think about that until something wrong happens.

But, what a worst thing than wait in front of a slow screen? So, imagine if your clients wait because of your malfunctioning system…

Today, everything works with technology and it grows every time. In addition, it includes more and more business applications in cloud computing: Microsoft Office365 for emails, salesforce.com, ADP, Webex, Dropbox, or Youtube. Therefore, it’s now a matter of survival for business to have well-oiled computing environment.

So, what is a network?

It’s the fastest way to communicate today. It permits you to be connected to the world and connects people and increasingly machines between each other. Internet works with connected networks. For example, you want to order something, it takes you only 5 minutes thanks to network because you will send an information to a network, it will send it to another one and another one… very fast.

At home and at work, local network access is made by Ethernet from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps. A few years ago, it was 14.4 kbps modem…


To access outside world, there’s several technologies: Bell and Rogers offer today 100 Mpbs and even more, with copper, coax cable and optical fibre. Optical fibre is the best way to communicate.

What about security?

There are two types of networks

Public network: internet where everybody can access the data and do everything

Private network: the network is dedicated to a business (or your house)

The difference between private and public is the security. Internet is an unsecured network for your data. A hacker, your competitor, or anyone can have access to your confidential data.

To guarantee a safe environment, there is 4 criteria in private network:

  • Identity: The one who wants to be connected to the network must be identified
  • Authenticity: Then, this person will be authorized to connect with password or another way of authentication
  • Availability: Every time, everywhere, you can have access to your data
  • Accountability: Customers need satisfaction, and their data should be safe. Information and maintenance reports can be sent frequently

Expertise is the key to a good predictable network

To secure your data is essential, and having expertise to configure the networks is often required to ensure wired and wifi networks communicate properly, and that applications such as voice receive the desired quality of service. Indeed, you could have issues if your network is not well configured.

You or your business could lose a lot of time and money by trying to solve networks issues without experts in IT. Why paying for a network which doesn’t fit your needs and decrease your productivity?

When it’s faster, you are relaxing and without frustration. Everybody needs to have access to good knowledges on IT, all equipment fast, disaster recovery, power…  The question is not “if” but “when” the network will fail. For us, IT solutions are not just connectivity but also define policies, business processes, and improve the productivity.

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