Did I Lock The Back Door?

Did I Lock The Back Door?

We all leave our home and instinctively lock the front door behind us, but did I leave the back door open???

Sounds simple and silly but this is how hackers get in most of the time. The front door may be locked up tight but the back door is wide opened!!

What is a back door for a hacker, it could be your supplier who has weak security, could be one of your employees that logs in from home without using the proper security protocols or opens an email mistakenly thinking its safe, it could be a lot of different ways but ultimately it leads to your data!

A very large multinational retailer was hacked just this way. The Cybercriminals found a back door through a supplier and it lead directly to them being hacked, the data that was theirs was now in the hands of hackers! There are many cases like this, and to be honest it isn’t really anything more than the back door being opened.

Here is an article about a law firm to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies that was hacked and the fallout that can be expected, it’s a great read.

So remember lock your doors, windows, every access point or some hacker will walk in and take what’s yours!

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