Wow Labour Day Already!

Wow Labour Day Already!

Well it’s bitter sweet Labour Day is here, the end of summer, the beginning of school, and the time Cybercriminals LOVE!!! (see article below).

While most of us will be enjoying a long weekend with family and friends, some people will be hard at work, HACKERS! They love these long weekends when most IT teams are off they make their attack. While they’ve been mining information about companies on the Dark Web and laying in wait, this is the time they love to pounce. The office is closed and nobody is there to see them slip in!

Hopefully you are prepared and have all your resources ready if its you they attack, if not and that call comes in ‘we’ve been attacked’ that will ruin your weekend!

Our 24x7x365 support will be working through the weekend, watching out for our customers, monitoring networks for unusual traffic, and there for any calls that may come in. We don’t take days off, our team is ‘on the job’!

I wish you all a very happy long weekend and may your networks stay safe!

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Toronto: +1 (416) 365-6588
New York: +1 (844) 365-6588
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New York Office:
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