$240,000,000 What Could You Do With That?

$240,000,000 What Could You Do With That?

All I can think about when I read this article is, what could I do with even half of $240 million dollars???? Not a bad days pay for most of us working folks. If you are part of the elites, like certain people who now fly rockets maybe it’s not that big a deal? But for the rest of us it’s a great way to retire early!

Now on the serious side of this story, my earlier blog this week spoke of the good guys scoring one nice arrest. But this story just goes to show you that the hackers are still out there and very active.

They find the pin hole you leave open and rip through it causing chaos. It’s not over and likely never will be. It’s what you do to protect your company that will make the difference between them hitting you or moving on to the next guy on the block. So, lock it down, make it safe, secure and be ready if you get hit!

That’s what we help companies do, and we do it very well!


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