If They Can Get Hacked Why Can’t You?

If They Can Get Hacked Why Can’t You?

If one of the top government agencies fighting Cybercrime in the world can get hacked, why can’t you?

I’ve attached 2 article one is much shorter and to the point while the other has much more detail for those interested. But it comes down to a simple statement, WOW!

The FBI is one of the top agencies worldwide fighting the war on Cybercrime and they got hit! Aside from the data breach and the havoc that caused, it must be very embarrassing for them. One would think their security is the highest most locked down, but it just goes to show you nobody is impervious. All it takes is a pinhole and someone found it!

This is why I keep saying how important it is to make sure you do everything you can to prevent an attack and be ready in case it is you that gets hit. As I’ve said before it’s not just the financial implications, it’s the loss of reputation and trust your employees and customers will have in you. I’m sure the FBI are feeling the sting!



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