Cybersecurity Training, A Necessity and Here is Why!

Cybersecurity Training, A Necessity and Here is Why!

Ikea is fighting what seems to be a losing battle against hackers. The reason they’re losing is that their employees need to learn how to recognize and treat Phishing emails, Spam, etc. At the same time obviously tighten up security on servers quite a bit.

When I speak to clients about our Training Programs, and that they have measurable results, they see the value. What is the real value?

If you read the article attached, this email problem for Ikea a worldwide retail giant, it has affected not only their internal corporate staff, worse than that it has hit their supply chain and business partners. Going back to something I have said numerous times. It’s not the financial loss that could hurt you as much as your loss of reputation. What happens when they get to the customers data?

What will be the cost be due to the ripple effect of this attack on Ikea and all the other parties, huge? Like any attack, now everyone will likely infect someone down the line, this will lead to everyone attached to the Ikea hack passing this along. Suppliers to suppliers, and so on, it won’t stop spreading just like a certain virus we’re all dealing with globally.

This is why it is so important for everyone in a company no matter what size to be trained on Cybersecurity. Yes this is a bit of a sales pitch, but if you think of it in broader terms, it’s an offer to investment in your companies security that will pay off faster and much more than the cost of an attack.

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