One Seriously Motivated Hacker

One Seriously Motivated Hacker

I read this article and was amazed at the time and dedication this hacker took to get his revenge. After he was hacked by a government he sat and lay in wait for the right moment then WHAM he took down a whole country’s internet!!

I am not saying that I condone this in any way, but it proves that it doesn’t necessarily take a team of sophisticated, well funded hackers to do a lot of damage!!! Regardless of how sophisticated the country’s security was or is now, given the right motivation a hacker will get you if you are their target.

Granted this person could have hit them with ransomware but money wasn’t his motivator, revenge was, and he got it big time! Given the landscape of hacking today we need to understand that not all hackers are out for money, most of them are, but not all. As well there are individuals and there are groups. Many groups are well funded and have the time, team and sophistication to get in to systems that you think are secure and get the good stuff, then hit you with ransomware.

That doesn’t mean 1 individual hacker can’t do the same as this story proves. He proudly proclaims he was in his T-shirt and pajamas, munching snacks when he decided to hit them with his denial of service (DoS) attack. He flooded their servers and took down their internet all by himself.

This brings me to the point where I always say be prepared in advance. In the world today we don’t know who may want to launch a cyberattack on us or for what reason. Be it a ransomware group or an angry ex-employee or the neighbour who’s lawnmower you never returned, you could be a target. It doesn’t matter what the attack is, it will cause you a major disruption in your ability to function.

It’s not going to be pleasant when you start your computer and realize you’ve been hacked! Armour up today!

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