As We Say Goodbye to 2023

As We Say Goodbye to 2023

As we say good bye to 2023, I look back with a great perspective on how far I have come and how Nuvollo has evolved around me while this whole year passed by in a flash!

I have grown both as a person and as a member of a great team! If you asked me to tell you how many people work at Nuvollo I couldn’t answer you, not because I don’t care to know, but because we have grown so exponentially (and keep growing) I can’t keep up! And we aren’t stopping any time soon in our growth.

We have also grown as a business, with many new clients of all sizes and so many different verticals. I find it spectacular how our teams are able to adjust every detail to custom fit a client’s needs. We focus on our client needs, not in a ‘one size fits all’ way, but what do they need and how can we help them be more efficient and secure.

I’ve learned so many new and exciting, interesting and important things this year from all of our different teams, that’s right TEAMS not individuals. Nuvollo has Teams of specialists, each team unique in what they do, but work together as one well oiled machine!

Our Security Team has taught me more than I ever thought I could understand about the world of Cybersecurity and how it is now more than ever such a crucial part of not only what we do, but what we do for our clients. The ability of this team to find and prevent problems before they happen is amazing, but more impressive is how they react when there is a problem! They are like a SWAT team coming in to the rescue. Precise, calculated, and with all the right tools to ‘get the job done’!

Our Server and Network Teams have shown me how and why they truly are the best in my experience (and I have a lot), their knowledge and tenacity to get all the infrastructure set up for our clients, and maintain it is astounding. And their ability to troubleshoot issues and find the RIGHT solution with maximum effort and not look for the FAST FIX, is beyond commendable, it is admirable!

If you are looking for Microsoft 365 Solutions our Team of M365 Specialists will blow your mind, with not only how knowledgable they are but, how flexible and feature rich this amazing business innovation is and has become. It’s not just Office anymore, from MS Teams to Teams Phone, Sharepoint sites that will make your business flow and all things M365 related this group will streamline your business! Sharepoint, Outlook, OneDrive and yes the Suite of Microsoft Office products your used to for everyday business efficiency.

All in all, we have made 2023 a year that I am so proud to be a part of as a Nuvollian. A year of up and downs and even a couple of sideways, a year of growth and learning and a year of making great things happen!

I look forward to 2024 and can’t wait to see what it will bring for me and for Nuvollo.

On behalf of the greatest team in the business and myself, have an amazing year ahead and may you all have great success in every aspect of your life! Be happy, healthy and make time to enjoy life!

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