Humankind and AI

Humankind and AI

When we humans discovered fire, we figured out what a great thing this is! It kept us warm, we learned to cook food on it, etc. We then figured out if we sharpen a rock to a point and make the edges thinner and sharp, attach it to a stick we could now hunt and fish so much easier, protect ourselves from animal predators, and cook our food over that fire. Wow we are smart… in some ways. Then we figured out that with these magnificent tools we could weaponize them and use them for all the wrong reasons against each other.

As we progressed along in life we learned to learn. Created the wheel which without which we wouldn’t have cars, which now are powered by electricity and computers (don’t get me started on that). We have come so far as a species it is truly amazing. I remember when the encyclopedia we had was my generations version of Google, and now we hear someone say at least a few times a day ‘Google it’.

Our most recent creation is Artificial Intelligence (AI), I remember books as a kid with killer AI robots, anything that was artificial was bad. But we know better than that now. AI is an incredible tool for us to use, if we use it for all the right reasons and ways. AI will hopefully lead to medical uses that will enhance our lives in so many ways, uses in every business/industry to enhance how we work, not replace us but help do things better, faster and more accurately, and in everyday life. No, I am not using AI to write my blogs, I still believe the human brain and creative thought is more powerful and meaningful.

But there are those out there who like fire and sharpened stones, have used AI for the wrong purposes. Yes, machine learning is a great use, but what happens when it becomes weaponized machines, no heart, no soul, just a chip telling a machine what to do. While that is an extreme there are more docile abuses that in my opinion are just as bad.

Students are using AI to write papers, and my concern is when I hire someone like a young lawyer for example, did they pass law school and the BAR using AI? If so, am I getting a traditionally educated lawyer who put in the sweat equity to earn their degree or some kid who figured out how to bypass all that studying and hard work? What if the financial advisor doesn’t really know what they should because they used AI to get their degree and help them decide what to do with your money? I’ve attached an article about this happening more than I care think about. While there are tools for professors to use to detect AI written work, how many will actually use it when they have thousands of students papers to grade. Probably not many because as a parent with a kid in university I know the professor doesn’t even care if you show up to class.

There is another article I read that I attached about an author who used AI to write a book and self published it. Then fought the U.S copyright laws lost then ultimately won her case. Does this negate the works of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, J.K Rowling, Dr. Suess, these authors toiled and laboured, and most of all created with their mind works that will last forever (I love Green Eggs and Ham). They didn’t let a machine do the work, they had to work at their creations.

When we think of AI as a tool for business there are so many great ways, we can use it to streamline processes, help in making machines smarter to increase production and help reduce costs, but the one thing it can never do is replace the human touch. I saw a few polls on LinkedIn about AI, the one that stuck in my mind is can AI replace the Accounts Receivable people. My answer was very quick and simple, NO. How can AI reach out to a client or person to discover a payment is late for example is it because of a temporary issue, can AI show compassion, make arrangements that will benefit both parties, I don’t think so. When you are having issues with that beautiful new 8K TV you bought or new computer, you want to speak to a person not an AI bot who can’t sense your frustration and help calm you and walk you through setting up you new device.

With our business world running and depending on technology do you want to have an AI bot troubleshoot your issue with no understanding of the importance it is to you? We don’t think that way, when you call the Nuvollo help desk a real live person is there to help you and understands that sense of urgency or frustration in your voice, do you want to speak to an AI bot in a chat box or have a real person on the line to help guide you through, even when you submit a ticket to us a real person is reading it to make sure it is handled in the priority it requires, and assigning it to the ‘RIGHT’ team.

Now I come to the job that really becomes personal, sales and account management, can you replace that role with AI? As someone who does sales and account management, I can tell you it is impossible! In this role we need to listen, understand, analyze the needs of our client, and most important help fix their pain points, an AI bot could never do that. AI is an amazing tool to help business, but we can never forget that the human touch, be it the sound of a voice, the kindness and caring of a person on the other end is what makes relationships between people in business and in life. AI doesn’t have a heart!

Lastly, we all think using AI websites and tools is safe, I have a surprise for you it isn’t, hackers have also found out what a great tool AI is, but I’ll save that for a future blog. Let it be said that just because it’s easy doesn’t make it safe.

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