7 Reasons to Adopt ERP Software for Your Business

7 Reasons to Adopt ERP Software for Your Business

7 Reasons to Adopt ERP Software for Your Business

With the summer, which finally arrived, it’s time to rethink our working methods. We can think about simplifying our tasks and thinking about how to automatizing repetitive tasks, what will give us more time (and of holidays?). The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system companies’ resources planning which can bring us on this way.

Whatever your working field, in a school commission, a bakery, a microbrewery, or a bank; the ERP allows an integration of organization’s processes, including the finances, the purchases, the sales and the marketing, the human resources, the payments, the inventory, and some other functions.

ERP system is available today, even for small companies, and it can create a real processes’ automation for your business.


The regular management systems often give to your employees a total access to your critical data such as accounting documents, the payslips …

The ERP systems allow you to establish a minimum of control, and to restrict the accounts of your teams, by giving them only access to the operations which are relevant for their position. And if you host your ERP on a private cloud, you will have high safety guarantees, and you can be sure that all of your data are protected by your cloud supplier.


Expensive programs are not always the good solution. Moreover, they cost a lot of money.

If your employees repeat the same task again and again, it is a real waste of time. With a ERP system, you can delete these repetitive tasks and you or your employees will not have to double, to triple or even to quadruple data’s entrances anymore.
ERP reduces the need of enter data manually and rationalizes the processes of management.


Your accounting department can certainly be the first one to notice the need for an ERP for more productivity during financial information management. Even more if your accounting software is complex.

Furthermore, the accounting department can be an important source of overheads, but it should not. A good ERP can automatically record the current transactions as soon as they occur, as an example:

  • Invoice Management,
    · Inventory’s movements
    · Tax calculation
    · Production costs
    · The spending(expenses) of Credit Cards expenses, …


Thanks to tasks automation, you’ll save a lot of things. Service grouping will allow you to save time, and thus some money.

ERP also allows to decrease the intermediaries: all the employees are on the same platform, and will have access to the information much more quickly. The work will be made more effectively.


 The ERP software gathers all the services in only one and in a single database, with an information source which contains precise and real time data. It gives you a rationalized product without the high cost of additional materials and multiple updates and maintenances.

It allows you to have a complete image of your company’s performance. For example, without the exact sales data, the inventory management can suffer from a lack of information and you have to make sure that the good quantity of products is at the right place at the right time.


If you need to know the average margin that you obtain on your sales, how long does it take you? If you have to update your spreadsheets and documents manually, it could take a long time you to know.

Today, the pace of productivity is faster than ever, thus it involves that your employees need an immediate access to the key data. With an ERP solution, leaders and other members of staff have access quickly to the precise information which they need.

The sellers should be capable of visualizing customers transactions history in the real time real and of answering their questions, without consulting another department, to improve their satisfaction and increase sale opportunities. Even better, customers should be capable of going simply on-line on their account and of posting the information.


One of the biggest disadvantage of having several systems in your company is that it can be a nightmare for your IT team. If you use several software systems to manage your company, you will notice that the IT’s management begins to consume a lot of time and of staff.

The customization of these systems, their integration and their maintenance with corrections, improvements and upgrades can be complex and expensive. Several organizations are choosing to the cloud to manage their ERP.

To sum up, the ERP technology can give you the suppleness to answer quickly the changeable needs; and by knowing that the ERP allows us to make more with less time. Everyone can think of the holidays to be savored!



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