Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

SIRIS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

SIRIS is fundamentally different than traditional backup and recovery solutions. Utilizing a cloud-first approach, SIRIS delivers an all-in-one solution that incorporates local backup and recovery with a secure, cloud-based repository and full disaster recovery in the cloud. All of this administered from a secure cloud portal that provid es the ability to view, manage and recover data from a single interface.
Simplicity is a guiding design principle for SIRIS. From deployment flexibility that spans a software-only implementation to hardened backup appliances, organizations can implement the solution that fits their requirements.
SIRIS can be deployed on existing hardware as a VM or image, or via the hardened SIRIS Appliance.
Since SIRIS was built from the ground up for modern data protec tion, it sets the standard for reliability and ease-ofadministration. Unlike legacy backup and recovery solutions that were created pre-cloud era, SIRIS was designed for organizations that want a secure cloud administration portal th at requires less administrative overhead while making backup and recovery management simple yet powerful.
SIRIS cross-platform support enables organizations to protect their data anywhere it lives, from physical servers to virtual machines running Windows Server or Linux.

Innovative features include:

  • Inverse Chain Technology™ for reliable backup
  • Patented ransomware scanning
  • Patented Screenshot Verification for recovery assurance
  • Intuitive Recovery Launchpad for failproof recovery
  • Patented Fast Failback™ to primary system after a disaster
  • Instant virtualization recovery, local or in the cloud

Simply Powerful

Whether you choose to deploy SIRIS as fully integrated software running on your own hardware, or as a hardened, all-in-one appliance from SiRON, you have taken the first step to ensuring the safety and recoverability of your data.
Complexity leads to high administration costs and cumbersome implementation. With SIRIS, new servers and virtual machines can be setup in minutes. Backup and recovery administration is done via the centralized cloud backup portal that allows organizations to manage all functions from a single interface.
SiRON Backup Portal gives single-pane-of-glass view.
Reliability issues can mean downtime and lost productivity which is why reliability begins with knowing your backup is always good. SiRON’s Advanced Backup Verification with patented Screenshot Verification eliminates the need to worry if the system will boot or be recoverable by automatically verifying backups will boot with all data intact and no ransomware, giving you confidence in your backups and ability to restore.
When it comes to reducing RTO (Recovery Time Objective) while providing granular RPOs (Recovery Point Objective) SiRON’s Inverse Chain Technology™ fundamentally changes the way backup and recovery is done. Unlike legacy backup solutions that complicate backup with dependencies between full and incremental images, SiRON’s Inverse Chain Technology allows for every incremental snapshot to be a fully constructed recovery point.
Inverse Chain Technology™ make every snapshot backup a recovery point.

Beyond Backup

Simplicity in design does not mean lack of innovation. SIRIS is the definition of modern backup and recovery, which is why SiRON defines SIRIS as an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. By unifying backup with disaster recovery, SIRIS delivers key benefits.
Instant Virtualization can recover a system in seconds
  • In the SiRON Cloud
  • On local hardware or the SIRIS appliance
Multiple recovery options
  • File restore to recover deleted or corrupted files or folders
  • Rapid Rollback to quickly undo widespread changes such as ransomware infection
  • Image Export for full virtual server restore
  • Bare Metal Recovery to re-image a server to new hardware
Given the criticality of restore SiRON further simplifies recovery with the Recovery Launchpad which is accessed from the secure backup portal.
SiRON Recovery Launchpad makes recovery failproof.
“SiRON is all-in-one failover protection for someone’s business. It gives the owners a peace of mind as it backs up every piece of data housed on a server and stores that image, not only locally, but in the cloud as well” – BNB Technology

Not Just a Cloud, The SiRON Cloud

The immutable SiRON Cloud is the purpose-built backup and recovery cloud that provides maximum flexibility for organizations of all sizes.
  • Purpose built for backup & recovery
  • Immutable design
  • Exabyte class, infinite scalability
  • Geographically distributed
  • Exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense™
  • Over 10,000 restores per month
  • Protecting over 1 million end clients
The SiRON Cloud is the backbone for SIRIS by not only providing offsite images of backups but protecting them from harm through multiple layers of protection. Organizations can be assured that their data is secure and recoverable. And in the case of a recovery, the SiRON Cloud offers more functionality and better performance at a lower cost than similar solutions.

Extraordinary Features

A powerful combination of features brings enterprise class data protection to organizations of any size.
Full VMware and Microsoft HyperV support
  • Complete system image backup
  • Granular backup down to 5-minute increments
  • File or image level restore
  • Instant recovery, local or cloud
  • ESXi upload capability
Flexible data retention
  • Time based retention
  • Infinite cloud-based retention
  • Local only or private cloud retention
Application and database support
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft AD
Industry leading features
  • Inverse Chain Technology™ backup
  • Fast Failback™ to revert to the original system
  • Backup Insights™ to see what changed between backups and optionally restore

Security in a Ransomware World

If backup is the last line of defense, what happens when backup comes under attack? Malware and hacking have spread beyond end-client files and servers to backup vendors themselves. Therefore, security is a key tenet to SIRIS with features that span login to the cloud:
  • Two factor authentication SiRON Backup Portal login
  • Hardened backup appliance
  • Backup copies kept in the immutable SiRON Cloud to protect from attacks like ransomware
  • Cloud Deletion Defense™ to “undelete” malicious or accidental agent or backup snapshot deletion
  • Backup files that cannot be corrupted by ransomware
Attackers, especially those who spread ransomware, have set their sights on backup solutions in order to make recovery impossible. SIRIS not only includes multiple security layers to protect client data but is backed by a team of in-house security professionals whose sole job is to protect client data.

Better Built DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS is an often-used term for providing a service to recover a server, file or image from and in the cloud.
While some solutions simply connect to a public cloud, which can be costly and provide inconsistent performance others rely upon a complex, tiered approach than can also lead to variable costs associated with cloud-based recovery

Recover servers and images in the SiRON Cloud

SIRIS DRaaS utilizes the SiRON cloud providing organizations with a predictable cost model.
Better Built DRaaS
  • No compute costs
  • No complicated tiers
  • No cost DR testing
  • No reverse round-trip fee

What Unified Continuity Means

Built for organizations to ensure their business is always on and resilient to disasters, SIRIS is a part of the SiRON Unified Continuity family that protects data wherever it lives.
The SiRON Cloud is the cornerstone of SiRON’s Unified Continuity as it serves as the repository not only for SIRIS, but for SiRON’s Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace solution, SiRON SaaS Protection along with SiRON’s PC backup solution, Cloud Continuity for PCs.
Lastly, SiRON’s support team provides the “experts behind the experts” 24 by forever support for MSPs. No matter how big or small the issue, SiRON has your back.


SiRON provides an integrated suite of solutions which include the following:
  • SaaS Protection
  • RMM
  • PSA
  • Networking
SiRON SIRIS — Cloud First Data Protection
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