Best Practice For Update Installation

Best Practice For Update Installation

We all see the pop up, Update Available, Update Needed, etc. But what we do about it is where the issue starts. Most users have their computer or mobile device set to update automatically. They feel that the software provider, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. know best and are sending out a fully baked update. Sadly that’s not always the case.

Software companies with the best of intentions are pushing out updates, but unfortunately many times these updates are not 100% safe or really ready for release. But because they want to get it out there they push it and we accept that they know best. Next thing we know we get that dreaded “Blue Screen” or our device starts acting funny or not working at all.

We at Nuvollo follow a Best Practice of holding off on pushing Operating System (OS) updates until we’ve had the chance to test them thoroughly. We may find them to be safe and not crash our cloud environments, and decide only then to push that OS update to the appropriate devices. This is only one way we keep our clients from suffering down time.

Important side note, ALWAYS remember to backup your computer or devices before proceeding with an Update, in Windows you can create a “Restore Point”, but what if you can’t get to it? A backup is the safest way to make sure you can recover if an update fails.

There are other pieces of software that the average user doesn’t think about such as you internet browser like Chrome or Edge. These are critical to the operation of your business and often security updates are released for these, and we never know. We at Nuvollo are on top of these and once tested for stability they are pushed out to help make sure your company can stay as safe as possible from a browsers vulnerability.

Software companies will often release a patch for their earlier update, but by then it can be too late and you’re unable to use your computer or device, or worse you get hacked! Caution and patience are the Best Practice when it comes to updating software. Give it a week or 2 and browse the web to see if there is any news about the latest OS update crashing computers or mobile devices.

Personally I always wait to update my personal computers at home and my mobile device until I read enough about them to find out if they’re stable and haven’t taken down other people who rushed to the “latest and greatest”.

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