Cloud computing and business

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We all know that digital transformation changes our society and the business world fundamentally.

Time today is accelerating and ways to interact with consumers are multiplying. Digitalism is the source of productivity, optimization and new revenue streams, but it also induces new risks.

The digital transformation has mutated uses and consequently it redefines the technology market itself. The technology race has never been faster like what we experience today. Obsolescence is becoming a significant risk of lost productivity.  The best example here is of Nokia being captured by Microsoft- wherein as rightly put by Nokia CEO “We did not do anything wrong, but somehow we lost”. Here he is referring to how they were not ready for the new smart phone technology.

To stay competitive, the company needs more than ever to adopt newer technology reflexes. Particularly the cloud hosting one. This is why large companies adopt cloud massively to focus on its business. According to a new study by Intel Security Blue Skies State of Cloud Adoption, over the next 12 to 18 months, the majority of enterprise IT budgets will be spent on public cloud resources. They surveyed over 1,200 IT decision-makers across 8 countries that are responsible for cloud security in their organizations on how they’re planning on adopting cloud and investing their budgets over the coming year.

Adoption of the right reflex allows a better anticipation of the customer’s expectations

And also good personalization of its offerings and its message to improve decisions, an optimization of many processes, and creation of new business models with a better performance prediction. The cloud today is a true “personal assistant” to explore this continuous performance variations, due to its nature of instantaneity.

Kodak was the example who ignored the evolution of users demand: more conviviality, standards technology change, online sharing, data exploitation, the “pay as you go”. When building a house: you pay the electricity we consume, don’t need to build an electric central next to it… This is why now, the real challenge is the real need exploitation in real time. Cloud solution is built to answer and meet the challenges of tomorrow, anticipate trends and understand the future. It offers a fairer pricing model, economically feasible and better adapted to the requirements of predictability in business and marketing trends.

Furthermore, the marketing tends today need to be also more automated. This will have consequences on the management, behavior and organization. In real time, automated account data is appended for all marketing automation, all account data and contact organization. Choose cloud computing for the guaranty of secure, compliant and reliable solutions.

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