[eBook] Cracking the Ransomware Code

[eBook] Cracking the Ransomware Code

[eBook] Cracking the Ransomware Code

Learn All About Ransomware and the Secret to a Strong Defense Against It

In this eBook “Cracking the Ransomware Code”, we take you deep into the ransomware landscape to learn the truth about ransomware attacks. You’ll gain valuable threat intelligence and expert advice that you can use immediately to give your business an edge in the fight against ransomware including:

  • The lifecycle of a ransomware attack including how ransomware gangs make their money
  • Which types of ransomware cybercriminals are using right now and how they work
  • What we see coming up on the ransomware horizon
  • Get the real story of ransomware risk and how you can defend your organization against this growing cybercrime menace.

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