Definition: Hacktivism is the misuse of a computer or the internet, primarily by way of hacking into unauthorized networks, to expose a believed injustice. And that’s the premise of hacktivism: carrying out hacking attacks as a form of activism. Hacktivism is usually directed at corporate or government targets.

As if things weren’t bad enough in the world of hackers and ransomware, the hacktivists are now getting in the way of serious political matters, and where will they go from here. Especially if they are well funded!!!

In the article attached it is clear these hacktivists are directly causing a potential threat to the situation in Eastern Europe. The actions they have taken could not only affect many lives but cost many lives. They may want to pose as altruistic activists, but when lives are lost that’s not activism!

As I think of all the activist groups out there, what if they decided to employ the help of the hacktivists in their campaigns? The effect could be catastrophic. With the ability to affect response times for first responders as an example, activists could set off their campaign such as an infamous one recently on the U.S Capitol, imagine if they were able to block communications between first responders?! The loss of life would have been much higher and the extent of the damage to a society would have been far more devastating.

This brings up a big concern, taking away the ability of legitimate actions by a country, state, city to protect its citizens. I’ve talked about hackers messing with city infrastructures, but what if they took away the ability for our right to protection. This is a problem that we don’t think about because it hasn’t been brought to the forefront enough…yet!

Once again it comes down to the ‘too big to fail’ scenario. Governments, large corporations, etc. thinking that they have the upper hand. Then when they are crippled by hackers all hell breaks loose and they wonder how this could have happened?!

We all want to think we have all the answers, and that we have taken every measure to protect our infrastructures. The issue is in my opinion is one of dare I say, arrogance.

Why not get a second, independent opinion from someone with nothing to gain or lose by pointing out what may be the tiniest hole in your armour, as well help to train your teams in proper security practices and protocols. It’s an investment in your protection, your customers and employees protection and most of all your reputation!


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