I’ve Said It Before and I’ll Say It Again, Education Is The Best Defense!

In the very electronic world we live in, email has become how we communicate more than any other in business as well as our personal life. With that being said how often do we get an email from someone we believe we know, but in reality it’s not?!

Just one minor variation in the email address, such as (John vs J0hn) that we don’t notice, or better yet a ‘spoofed’ exact copy of an email address, and you think ‘I know this person the attachment or message is safe’.

Well it may not be and the article attached explains how more and more, cybercriminals are exploiting this.

As it states, the prime targets were using CEO or CFO, etc. email addresses to gain ‘trust’. But as we got smarter so did the hackers. So now they target lower level employee email addresses to gain access to data.

What can you do? Educate your whole company on what to look for before they reply, open an attachment or provide credentials.


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