Mitigate Phishing Attacks with Microsoft 365 Branding

Mitigate Phishing Attacks with Microsoft 365 Branding

Mitigate Phishing Attacks with Microsoft 365 Branding

Add your company branding to the Sign In page

You can now use the Azure Active Directory (AD) subscription that is included with your Microsoft 365 subscription to customize the sign-in page your users see.

Add company branding to your sign in page and Access Panel pages

If you have a paid subscription to Microsoft 365 for business, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Enterprise Mobility Suite, or other Microsoft services, you have a free subscription to Azure Active Directory. You can use Azure Active Directory to create and manage user and group accounts, and add company branding to your pages. To activate this subscription and access the Microsoft Azure Management Portal, you have to complete a one-time registration process. Afterward, you can access Azure Active Directory from your Microsoft service that uses it. For instructions on how to register your Microsoft 365 subscription, see Register your free Azure Active Directory subscription, and see Manage the directory for your Microsoft 365 subscription in Azure for general management instructions.

The following figure shows which parts of the sign-in page can be modified in Azure.
  1. The large illustration and/or its background color
  2. The banner logo
  3. You can also add text to this area
In addition to the sign-in page, you can customize the Access Panel page in Azure.

Branding Mitigates Phishing Attacks

Branding your Microsoft 365 login page looks great and elevates your brand but more importantly, it helps with mitigating phishing attacks against your users. Attackers are clever at recreating the Microsoft 365 login page to look identical to the Microsoft page, which makes it harder for users to detect phishing sites. When you customize your login page with your company branding, It will be much easier for your users to recognize the fake login pages masquerading as Microsoft 365.

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