Reputation = Customer Confidence

We have all heard about recalls, when there is a food recall for example, I know in my house I likely won’t see that brand in my fridge or pantry for years to come. Their reputation has been scared and earning back trust is hard!

Why is that, it’s because we as a society place a high value on reputation based on quality, security and performance! And if a product or service is in any way tarnished we lose trust in it. And that brand has to now work much harder to get our trust back.

If you get hacked and your customers data, employee data are stolen, or worse, you get hit with Ransomware the financial cost will be easier to recover from than the loss of reputation! That cost is exponentially higher and far more difficult to recover! There is no reputation insurance for that loss.

That is why in the world of IT and Cybersecurity we make sure to stand out to gain and keep our customers trust by keeping them secure. All of our services and offerings are “Best in Practice”! Nobody can give you a 100% guarantee that something may not happen, but recovering from it is what will make the difference. And that is where we truly stand out, getting you back in the good books fast and helping save your reputation!

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