SaaS Defense for Microsoft 365

SaaS Defense for Microsoft 365

SiRON SaaS Defense for Microsoft 365

SiRON SaaS Defense is a comprehensive threat protection solution for Microsoft 365 applications. SaaS Defense protects your business by proactively identifying and neutralizing zero-day threats across the Microsoft 365 suite, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Limitations of ATP solutions

The explosion in cybersecurity threats shows the need for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions that go beyond the basics of email filtering and malware scanning. However, the inadequate threat detection rate of most ATP software still leaves businesses open to attacks. Most dangerous of all are the zero-day attacks, meaning those that have never been detected before.
Zero-day threats are evolving every day, and hackers are sophisticated enough to penetrate attack vectors beyond email. Unfortunately, many solutions fall short in protecting the entire Microsoft suite.

SiRON SaaS Defense

SaaS Defense is an ATP and spam filtering solution that detects unknown malware threats at first encounter across the Microsoft 365 collaboration suite, shortening the time to detection and helping to close the threat protection gap.
SaaS Defense’s data-independent technology was developed by security experts to stop zero-day threats and proactively defend against malware, phishing, and business email compromise attacks that target Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Detection against the unknown

Traditional email security solutions scan for previously known cyber threats and their penetration modes, thereby leaving protection gaps for new, unknown threats.
With SiRON SaaS Defense, cyber threats to your business — even zero-day threats — are stopped as soon as they are encountered.
This additional layer of defense allows, as your managed service provider, to:
  • Identify unknown threats: SaaS Defense’s data independent technology detects unknown threats that other solutions miss by analyzing the composition of a safe email, chat, or document rather than scanning for already known security threats.
  • Minimize time to detection: SiRON SaaS Defense does not rely on third-party software and is built from the ground up to prevent zero-day threats as soon as they are encountered, minimizing the time needed to detect an intrusion.

Comprehensive threat protection

SaaS Defense allows us to provide your business with advanced threat protection and spam filtering for critical business data in Microsoft 365.
  • Protection beyond email: Cyber threats are not limited to just phishing emails. We proactively protect your Microsoft 365 suite, including OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, from ransomware, malware, phishing, and business email compromise.
  • Spam filtering: We add another level of protection to your inbox by removing email that is annoying and inappropriate, even if it’s not infected with malware.

Detailed monitoring and reporting

Traditional ATP solutions are built for large enterprises, with complex scoring models and confusing reporting metrics, making it difficult to understand why a threat was flagged. With SiRON SaaS Defense we can provide detailed but simple explanations of what threats were stopped and why.
  • Silent detection: We proactively monitor and eliminate cyber threats as soon as they are encountered without manual interference or disruption to your business.
  • Robust reporting: Demonstrate product value with simple, detailed reporting that articulates why a threat was identified as malicious.

How SiRON SaaS Defense works

  • Simple and Robust: Threat protection solution that goes beyond just email security.
  • Seamless deployment and management: We can get you up and running in minutes.
  • Superior support: We offer you better support with the backing of SiRON, a specialist in making enterprisegrade security and data protection technology available to businesses of all sizes. Gain extra confidence when deploying new cloud technology.

A fully integrated cloud security solution

Protect and defend your critical cloud data against unknown cyber threats and common data loss scenarios with comprehensive detection, protection, and recovery.
SiRON SaaS Defense is part of a completely integrated suite that scans Microsoft 365 for malicious cyber threats and ensures complete protection with 3x daily backups and flexible, fast recovery.

SiRON was one of the very first companies to provide Microsoft Exchange Online, which has since expanded to include Microsoft 365, to our clients. For More Information, Get In Touch Today!

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