Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Security Assessment

What Is A Security Assessment?

Security assessment maps the risks of different types of cyber threats. This is what makes these assessments a crucial instrument to guarantee operational business continuity.

What does a Security Assessment include?

A Security Assessment describes the different information assets that could be impacted by a cyberattack (such as hardware, networks, smartphones, laptops, consumer data, and intellectual property), as well as the various threats that could affect those assets.
Typically, Security Assessment is carried out, accompanied by the selection of controls to address the defined risks. It is important to continuously track and revisit the risk environment in order to identify changes in the organization’s context and to maintain an overview of the entire risk management process.

Benefits Of A Security Assessment

  • Predict security threats: Proactively identify exposures throughout your environment and understand how they impact your organization
  • Validate critical vulnerabilities: Increase efficiency, pinpointing critical threats through penetration testing
  • Assess security controls: Test defense efficacy and make informed spending decisions based on risk to individual units within your organization
  • Analyze web application vulnerabilities: Reduce risk and minimize development spending by identifying exposures before going live
  • Communicate risk clearly and effectively: Present risk analytics in the context of key assets, operational areas, compliance mandates, and business objectives
  • Retain a competitive edge: Understand what your investment in security “buys” you and how that compares with what your competitors spend
  • Plan for the future: Gain insight into meeting compliance requirements and long-term security management
AssessedBy SiRON offers a wide range of software tools each designed for a specific IT discipline to produce a unique set of IT assessment reports. We have tools that evaluate Network and Security.

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