Security and data protection

Security and data protection

It is a well-known fact that the security of the cloud infrastructure is perceived as both an advantage and a challenge today.

According to IT professionals marketing, in a survey of 300 companies which employee more than 100 employees – 64% of the companies consider cloud to be a more secure alternative to legacy systems.  The level of enterprise who trust cloud security is encouraging but it is not that simple. The myth that the Cloud is less secure is rooted in some people’s minds. They believe that servers and storage which one cannot physically touch in the IT room may be not secure. In the cloud, the additional protective measures taken to safeguard information, data encryption, monitoring of access management and regular audits definitely disprove that myth.

Implementation of additional IT infrastructure security is relatively expensive. More than half of the companies (57% of the interviewed companies) spending between $ 10,000 and $ 1 million. But the barrier to cloud adoption is often due to a lack of knowledge. Awareness & education both on the safeguards that exist to secure the data and the circumstances which lead to data breaches. This is even more obvious for cloud computing.

We can compare the cloud to a bank

“Switching to the cloud is like entrusting your money to a bank”. It’s safer than keeping it at your home under the mattress. Because the bank is implementing protective devices which you don’t have. To establish a secure cloud, it is essential to conduct an assessment on the practices of your provider. Keeping in mind that this is a business decision that will allow the company to focus on the core business.

It is also important to understand to whom you are entrusting your valuable information. Nuvollo has more than 100 years of combined experience and would love to offer an opinion on the value of security, privacy & disaster recovery for your business’ IT environment.

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