Social Media And MFA

This is a very serious matter and I am speaking from a recent personal experience. Last week I received multiple messages from my MFA/2FA that someone had tried to change the password on one of my Social Media accounts! What does that mean??

We live in a very connected world these days via Social Media, for personal use, business, interests, dating etc. Some people have so many Social Media apps like Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so many more, and a lot of people use the same password for all their accounts. But they don’t secure their accounts!!!

I have blogged about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) as well as Password Protocols and protection. And the importance of them in keeping your information secure. There are Password Managers, Authenticator Apps, etc. to keep you safe.

My experience / expertise in Cybersecurity and safety paid off for me last week and I hope you read and learn form my experience!

I received multiple messages last week because I have set up very strong MFA for my accounts, that someone had tried to change the password on one of my Social Media accounts! Pretty scary even when you know they weren’t able to, because I was proactive in enabling MFA on my accounts. Which by the way are a favourite target of hackers. We’ve all seen messages from friends saying ‘don’t accept a friend request my account has been hacked!’.

Every Social Media platform has a section under “Settings” for Security. Most people don’t bother with it and think ‘who’s gonna hack my Facebook account!?’. Well the answer is simple any hacker who wants to access you personal data. Usually you will add your birthday, phone number, address and other personal information to your account. This is exactly what hackers want, along with your password. They’ll use it and access all your accounts not just Social Media, and in most cases lock you out! Then you have to go to work and try to get that account back.

Why not invest the few minutes it will take to set up MFA for your accounts before you have to spend hours trying to get them back, and even more, trying to recover from potential loss of private data and even financial losses!?

If you need help setting up these fantastic features, you can look up how to from within the app or their website or use Google or your favourite search site on “How To Enable MFA on a particular app”.

And remember the same goes for your banking / financial apps and websites!

Remember what I always say “Protect Yourself Before, Because After It’s Too Late!!”. Stay safe it’s a jungle out there!

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