Tech Support Appreciation!

We never call tech support just to say ‘hi how are you?’. No we call tech support when we need help. It could be a simple issue or it could be catastrophic!! Either way it’s because we need help, and we need it now.

Usually customers who call tech support for any reason (IT, cell, TV, etc.) are friendly and polite, but sometimes they blow up from the time the call is answered!! What they don’t realize is that the person at the other end of the line isn’t the cause of the problem, but the solution. Unfortunately some of us let frustration lead the way, rather than taking a deep breath and then making the call.

What most people do not think about, is that support person is there to help and is most important to them at that moment, and by yelling, or using profanity all they are going to get is a polite ‘good-bye’. And rightfully so, these professionals are not there to be punching bags for your anger with a printer or some piece of software or your cell phone, etc. that isn’t behaving itself.

What we need to remember is that while we are at that moment of frustration the person at the other end of the phone isn’t the enemy, rather they are your greatest ally. So the nicer you are, the calmer you are, the sooner they can help get you back to where you need and want to be. As the old saying goes ‘you’ll catch more bees with honey than you will with vinegar’.

So before you call into any support line remember, kindness and clarity will get you everything you want and need, treat support professionals like exactly what they are, your helping hand! And never forget to say thank you, they deserve it.

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