TECHTIP#1: Stay safe from cyberattacks

8 behaviors to avoid to stay safe from cyberattacks:
  1. Clicking a phishy email
  2. Clicking a “cute cats” link on social media that introduce malware
  3. Not updating your software and never get the latest security patches
  4. Uploading list of social security numbers to Dropbox
  5. Using an unmanaged personal device to access company cloud applications
  6. Keeping important data on your computer and not on server (servers are usually backed up daily and computers are not)
  7. Using personal email for sensitive communications, or sending an email with sensitive documents to external email addresses
  8. Not using a reliable antivirus product and specialized tool against banking stealing malware

Indeed, technology is not enough to protect you from cyberattacks, your behavior is really important to be aware of the danger and avoid it !

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