Yes that is an intended play on words!!!

This week I thought I’d depart just a bit from my usual blog style of the hacking/ransomware we’re all facing and write about something a bit different.

I just read this great article about how job seekers are using hacks to get interviews. While it is not traditional hacking to gain access to your data, it is still someone trying to gain access to your company, but as an employee.

I find it amazing how people have become so intelligent about how we are not relying on humans to do the heavy lifting anymore in pouring over resumes. These crafty individuals have tricked the AI in the software company’s use to move them ahead of the pack for job postings.

Now I ask myself, is this a bad thing? Well if I were hiring someone, would I want the conventional person or the problem solver? Without a doubt I would look at someone who has made the effort to get ahead of the pack and used problem solving skills to do so. Is it ethical becomes the question?

As long as they are not claiming to have a degree that is required for the job or some other lie, I would say it is. When someone exhibits a skill that shows ingenuity, tenacity and a thought process of problem solving, that is what I want for my business. There are candidates who may lie, cheat and steal to get a job, but one who simply finds a creative way to get you to notice them, that’s impressive in my opinion.

All this to say, there is no replacing the human touch when hiring, but you must admit, the clever candidate is a good one to look at even if they forced their way in to the interview.

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