What A Massive Breach Of Privacy!

Let me start my first blog of the year by wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

As I read the article below a couple of things struck me, first is that this is an ongoing issue since December 12th, 2021, but more horrific is that 12 years of employee data was stolen!

Furthermore I found it unsettling that the company feels in someway, better that no customer data was stolen it seems?! I asked myself what is the difference? The answer is none, private / personal data is just that no matter if it’s customers or employees, except…

When you think of a customers data in this case it may be an address and credit card the thieves got, but when you realize the information stored for an employee is so much more. Social Security or Social Insurance numbers, date of birth, bank information, address, etc., all the data needed to steal someone’s identity. In my opinion it is far more damaging in this case that it is the employee data!

I question how any company that would store 12 years of employee data would not have secured it knowing the scope of Ransomware attacks happening worldwide? These people now have to monitor everything in their life for years to come, all because this company didn’t put the protection in place beforehand. That is a fear I don’t want to even imagine!

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