Secure cloud & IT solutions

Nuvollo is a global IT company serving clients from around the globe with “predictable performance” IT solutions.

Our core business is centered on secure cloud offering of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV, and other similar back office critical systems. Business critical applications (SAP, Dynamics) as a Service, verified-disaster-recovery and fanatical IT support are Nuvollo’s expertise. In addition, we offer flexible and affordable IT solutions to fit your company’s specific needs and offer you “peace of mind”. Therefore, you can focus on your core business.

With both time and resources, mid-market businesses are stretched, and are often better served by focusing their resources and talent on managing the company’s core business. They not spend time on functions which others can do faster, cheaper and frankly better.

We are a company close to their customer, who trust in them and they trust in us. To satisfy our customers, to develop their business and increase their productivity is our first aim. We create a secure and highly available environment.

Our vision

We started with the ambition of being a next generation cloud IaaS company. And, quickly realized that while most enterprises are looking for some IaaS. The real headaches most often come from running, securing and scaling applications. It could run more efficiently and provide greater flexibility when running in a cloud or hosted environment.  We leveraged our expertise in IT consulting, running and managing mission critical business applications> We create a new kind of cloud company focused on delivering “the Right End-to-End Customer Experience“.

Attributes for a right end-to-end customer experience are:

  • Predictable Performance
    For ERP and other business applications to run predictably, Nuvollo has developed methodologies and architectures including quality of service at every possible level. Therefore, creating an environment where we can control resources within servers, storage systems and even the networking in and out of the datacenters
  • Security Best Practices
    Multiple levels of security, both physically in the datacenters and virtually with perimeter firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Web
  • Applications Firewalls
    High Availability Architecture
    Running mission critical applications requires the right architecture with N+1 redundancy at all levels, including firewalls, switches, servers’ connectivity, UPS systems with generators, A+B power feeds and more
  • Real SLA
    At the end of the day, what counts is that the application keeps running, that you never lose your data, that the response time for the application be good enough all the time. This is what we measure and this is our guarantee to our partners and customer.
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