“Cloud computing is not about where you do business, it’s about HOW you do business”

The cloud is a model that allows to exploit unlimited and on demand computing resources (such as storage, networks, applications…). It can be managed and configured with a minimum of administration. It’s therefore a relocation of physical IT infrastructures to a virtual environment.

With Nuvollo’s cloud, you:

Save costs

  • You no longer need to hire IT team, because we take care of everything.
  • Physical technological equipment’s installation is very long and very expensive, whereas with the cloud, this is done in a few days.
  • You only pay for what you use and what you need at T time.

Protect your data

  • Our cloud is based in ultra-secure data centers.
  • Firewalls are managed by companies that are expert in security and are constantly updated, filtering all data to protect them from hacking.
  • Six levels of security : redundancy of generators and batteries, limited access, regularly backups…

Increase flexibility

  • Unlike a project to increase or reduce physical technological resources that takes 12 to 36 months to implement, the cloud allows you a great elasticity and responsiveness in a few days for the same service.
  • Nuvollo offers tailored and personalized services that you can change at any time to suit your business needs. Indeed, it is a form of package, in which you choose which options you want or not.


  • Synchronization of data on different devices: just access the cloud via a device to be able to synchronize all your data on it, so it’s simpler and faster.
  • Considerable space savings: no more local physical servers
  • Security: data are protected from natural disasters and hacking
  • Increased availability of the environment: you have access to your data anytime, anywhere, in an unlimited way.
  • Dynamic resources: If you need resources for 50 more employees in a few days, with the cloud it’s possible! Thus, no longer need to plan a project over many months to set up new servers, stocks, etc.
  • No need to manage an IT team but only a contract with us as part of a private cloud
  • The Service Level Agreement: Guarantees the quality of services and the definition of precise objectives reached by the customer as to the reliability of the service provided
  • Work with qualified experts and available at any time to meet your needs