NUVOLLO INC. is a global technology company focused on providing secure private cloud  AX as a Service. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? Reduce cost and increase efficiency by using our cloud infrastructure. Today, most organizations don’t have to spend an absorbent amount of money on purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure (servers, storage, networks). Nor do they need to employ a large IT team to manage its local setup and day to …

7 Reasons to Adopt ERP Software for Your Business

7 Reasons to Adopt ERP Software for Your Business With the summer, which finally arrived, it’s time to rethink our working methods. We can think about simplifying our tasks and thinking about how to automatizing repetitive tasks, what will give us more time (and of holidays?). The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system companies’ resources planning which can bring us on this way.

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You are dynamic, sociable and passionate? In Nuvollo, we foster initiatives, dynamic way of work and skills sharing. If you want to work for a company that is concerned with both satisfaction of its employees and clients… Nuvollo is for you! If you want the opportunity to work with emerging technology and become part of the cloud revolution, send your resume to [email protected], and connect with us on our Linkedin …


Why you should care about your network?

Network run offstage in everyday life, in our business or personal life, and we don’t think about that until something wrong happens. But, what a worst thing than wait in front of a slow screen? So, imagine if your clients wait because of your malfunctioning system… Today, everything works with technology and it grows every time. In addition, it includes more and more business applications in cloud computing: Microsoft Office365 …