Why Update Your OS?

Many things in our life work even though they may be old , cars, appliances, etc. But they don’t run off software. They are typically, if old enough just dumb devices. But you still change the oil in your old car to keep it running, I hope!? Even computers keep working for a long time after they are considered old, but you did all the updates over the years to the OS, I hope!?

Now take your computer and ask yourself why upgrade my OS to latest version (Windows 10 or 11), because this is a device that needs to be protected from criminals who are very active these days, hackers. An old OS is like old tires, they’ll turn but eventually they’ll blow out!! That means your putting your safety in the hands of something old and far less safe than the new OS.

The article below does a great job of explaining this. While we get comfortable with our current OS (Windows XP, Vista, 7) we need to understand that there is a reason to upgrade beyond just the fact that they are end of life and no support is available.

The most important reason is that they are not secure anymore, and with the increasing amount of Ransomware attacks you are not safe! So why risk your data or your company’s security using outdated operating systems??


I would like to mention that this important topic and article was suggested by a member of the Nuvollo Team of experts in our Security and Networking Department.

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