Losing A War In More Ways Than One!

This week the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry was hacked. Which means, even though they have the money and access to technology, the cybercriminals are still winning the war. This leads to a big question of how are governments fighting this war, and are they really using all the possible assets available to them? With the political situation globally getting more tense, what will happen if the well funded hackers attack defense systems and take them down?

Are the governments around the world reaching out to private companies to seek help in securing their infrastructure? Or are they actually living in the mindset of “we are big enough to handle it ourselves”? Which clearly isn’t the case.

We know that around the world many different governments and their agencies have been hit hard with various attacks by hackers. For example the Department of Defense and the FBI in the U.S., 2 of what you would think are the most secure, are actually not. Other countries have had their entire nations populations database stolen with every persons full information profile.

Cybercurrency theft is another war the hackers are winning. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being stolen by these clever hackers. They don’t need to use a gun, they have a much more dangerous weapon for this crime, a computer! You don’t need a license to buy one and you can get them anywhere!

This brings up the question of, if it can happen to them why not you? More and more the world of cybercrime is winning this war. Yes recently there have been arrests of a few cybercriminals, score one for the good guys, but there are so many others that are evading authorities. And mostly because they are so well funded they can hide in plain view. The cybercriminals are winning the war!

What can you do to be as safe as possible? It’s a simple answer, use best practices for your security. Don’t think just because you installed an antivirus software you’re done and now don’t have to worry. There are so many layers to true protection, and not using them leaves you vulnerable.

Nuvollo offers analysis services to help you find potential security risks in your current environment, let’s start there.




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