The Better the Lock…

When I bought my home I asked my locksmith for the “best lock available”, his answer, “the better the lock the better the lockpick”! See the article below.

It seems that is true in the world of Cybercrime. The more we try to combat hackers the smarter they get. That’s not to say leave yourself open, it means armour up and protect yourself and prepare for possible recovery.

We put in place all the protection we can hoping that hackers will find our systems too hard to crack and move on to the next, but that doesn’t go to say that some hacker may like the challenge!

In order to make sure you can recover in the case of a sophisticated hacker or one that just got lucky, you need to make sure you have everything in place to recover and be able to do so fast. That is where it becomes your choice to try and do this yourself or hire a professional.

Nuvollo has seen companies that have tried to lockdown and armour themselves, and while they made a great effort, in the end it just wasn’t enough, and we get called in to make it better.

Better protection and better recovery plans giving customers a more comfortable working environment, that’s what we do!

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