What If??!!

As I have been blogging mostly about Ransomware attacks on companies, I think we should all ask ourselves ‘What If”?

What if and more likely when is the question, hackers attack for example, municipal water supplies, traffic systems, etc. Hacking into a city’s water system and playing around with the chemicals that make our water safe to drink! That is a big WHAT IF!

Imagine the traffic lights all turning green, the massive amount of chaos that would be! We have all seen it in movies , but with the expertise of the hackers out there today it could quickly become a reality! WHAT IF!

If you choose to look the other way and think ‘this couldn’t and wouldn’t happen’, you are wrong. Ransomware is profitable and whether it’s for millions or just hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s easy money for the cybercriminals. We’d all be happy to win $100,000 in the lottery, right?

Check out this article and see that WHAT IF is a reality not just for movies anymore!

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