The Fastest Predators Find Their Prey!

When you think of ransomware attacks and data breaches you don’t think of how fast your files can be gone!

Knowing the facts can help you think about how to be smarter if you can’t be faster. In the article attached you’ll see how fast hackers can steal you data. How much of your valuable data can be in 100,000 files? Now ask yourself the same question but increase that number to 1,500,000 files per hour!?

Considering hackers typically attack when they know your office is closed and you’re all home enjoying family time, they’re just starting their work day! That gives them all the time they need to get in and do as they please with you data.

How can you protect yourself? There is AI software that can detect large amounts of data movement and take action and stop the leak (so to speak). Backing up is crucial but, making sure your backup disconnects when done and backing up your most important data often during the day, otherwise your leaving it there for the hackers to attack. Encrypting files using software that allows you to easily make them useless to a hacker. These are just a few ways to make you smarter than the predator, cause you can’t outrun them!

For most IT professionals this might be rudimentary but if it is then why are so many companies getting hit hard by these predatory hackers? Because not every IT person is a cybersecurity expert, that’s not an insult it’s a fact. IT has such a broad definition these days. You can’t expect any one person to know everything. Cybersecurity is a very specialized field and it is critical to every industry.

While you may have your in house IT team or person, don’t expect them to know everything. You might think about outside help from a company that is specialized in cybersecurity. Analysis of your infrastructure is a great place to start. Hiring a 3rd party company to do a battery of testing to see where you may have even a small hole in you armour which can save you from being hit with ransomware. We all need help sometimes, but are we willing to reach out for it, or are you willing to drown for the sake of a small cost (comparatively) or pride?

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