Staying Up To Date Is Critical

Staying Up To Date Is Critical

We all see the dreaded “There is a software update waiting” and hesitate as long as possible to do it, or in a lot of cases just don’t do it at all. We also don’t have automatic updates turned on or manually check for software updates because it’s just a hassle! It takes time to download, then install, then reboot… But trust me it is worth the time!

The reality is that these updates/patches are a crucial part of your corporate and personal security. Updates and patches usually contain security patches for the operating system (OS) and software like MS Office, fixes to the OS as well as possible OS and software feature updates. But the most important ones are the security patches.

While most companies with an IT department or using a Managed Service Provider will have these updates/patches either automatically installed or in rare cases manually installed, it is sometimes left up to the user to do. This is where the problem begins. If for any reason updates or patches are not installed hackers will sniff out and exploit the vulnerable systems.

In the attached article they state quite clearly and correctly that unpatched systems are easy targets. Whether it is your home computer, company computer, mobile device, etc. updates and patches are there to help protect you. We store so much private and important information on our computers and devices these days getting hacked can lead to more trouble than installing the latest update or patch.

For the time it takes to install an update, compared to trying to rescue your data, identity or other information, you’ll save a lot of it by doing those updates!

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