Tis The Season!!

It’s a sad thing to think that some people might not get gifts for the holidays or be able to have the typical family celebrations!! Not because they don’t have jobs, not because they haven’t earned their pay, but because hackers hit the company that provides the software to processes the payroll has been hit with Ransomware!! These hackers make Scrooge look like a nice guy!

In the article they say it could be weeks until they are fully functional again. This company handles some very large payroll for huge companies. How will the staff get paid? Nobody has cheques around, especially for thousands of employees. So what will happen to the workers who desperately need their pay??!!

This is when I say yet again, be prepared, have you put in place all the necessary things to protect yourself?! A proper contingency plan / process so that you can get back up and running quickly? Have you secured your company with all the best practices to help prevent or in this case rescue yourself and get back to work fast? Clearly as stated in the article this company doesn’t have the tools in place. Not to mention the embarrassment of telling customers to go elsewhere, how do you recover from that?

This is the time of year when hackers know they can not only hit you when your ‘out of the office’ but, they also know you’re going to pay because of the effect it will have on your business. As I said in my previous blog about the 5 steps to a ransomware attack, they are already in and waiting for that crucial time to strike!!! These hackers knew to hit the right company at exactly the right time!

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